From Connected IoT to Smart IoT

shutterstock_91152044The mining industry has ever increasing requirements for access to productivity and asset health information from in-pit and mobile devices, allowing the mine to adapt more quickly to changing requirements and conditions in the mine and resulting in greater productivity and safety decisions. The collection of this data from the many connected in-field devices is known as the connected Internet of Things (IoT).

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Endpoint Manager 1.4.1 and Firmware Updates Released

3D‐P, a leading provider of technology products for the mining industry, is pleased to announce the release of Endpoint Manager 1.4.1 along with the latest firmware releases for the Intelligent Endpoint line.

Endpoint Manager is a software utility that allows administrators to quickly and cost-effectively manage their Intelligent Endpoint™ (IEP) network from a central location.  The release of Endpoint Manager 1.4.1 enables the configuration of Intelligent Endpoint functionality in the new firmware release 110715-30, including:

  • Broadcast Proxy support for applications such as Modular’s MineCompass moving map display
  • Multicast support for applications such as the Terrain Server component of CAT® Minestar™.
  • Enhancements to our WLAN Network Interface to optimize the handoff of Intelligent Endpoints as they roam between access points as well as extended security options
  • Network Performance Monitoring tools that can provide graphical or a historical view of network performance on the Intelligent Endpoint interfaces

Endpoint Manager also includes an Advanced System Settings configuration tab for an additional “expert” level of remote customization, and tools for creating a second partition on Intelligent Endpoints for data storage.

Customers with an existing Service Level Agreement are entitled to a upgrade their firmware for all their Intelligent Endpoints along with Endpoint Manager 1.4.1 at no charge providing they have already purchased an earlier release.

All firmware loads and software mentioned will be made available to download to qualified customers via the 3D-P ftp site  Please contact our Customer Support group via email at or here.

For further details, please click here or contact your Account Manager.

Endpoint Manager and new firmware webinar:


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Communications International’s 3D-P Offering/Oferenda

Communications International is 3D-P’s exclusive distribution partner in Asia, Africa, Europe and parts of South America.

As a communications designer and technology integrator, Comms International delivers customer-driven, on-board 3D-P technology solutions either based on standard designs or tailored designs per customer requirements.

For more information in English, click here: Comms International 3D-P English

Como designer de redes de comunicação e integrador de technologias, a Comms International apresenta a Solução de technologia embarcada 3D-P, que  pode  tanto adotar tecnologias padrão, quanto projectos sobre madida, de acordo com as necessidades do cliente.

Clique aqui para mais informações:  Comms International 3D-P Portuguese

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3D-P Delivers Mining Technology Solutions


Mining companies understand the importance of knowing exactly where they are mining, the quality of the goods they are mining,  and creating efficiencies to deliver the product at the lowest cost. Mission-critical data provided by technology is all-important in helping mines achieve their goals.

3D-P Delivers Solutions for Connecting Technology.

Advancing technology brings exciting new applications but also tons of headaches for those who have to manage the application layers. New technology vendors want their customers to add additional hardware along with product-specific wireless networks to support their applications. Unfortunately, this often makes an unmanageable mess, and as a result many mines are unable to take advantage of the latest technology developments.

3D-P Intelligent EndpointTM Solves This Problem.

By utilizing this technology platform, the mine now has an onboard, rugged appliance box that can manage both the applications and the network simultaneously no matter the applications or the network.

3D-P Intelligent Endpoint is Application & Network Friendly.

Intelligent Endpoint™ allows the mine flexibility that it never had before. The Intelligent Endpoint™ is completely agnostic, meaning it can work with any hardware, application and wireless network. This allows mines to take advantage of the best applications and wireless technologies without having to do entire forklift upgrades to equipment and networks.

3D-P Future-Proofs a Mine.

Whether your mine needs a complete wireless network upgrade in order to add new or additional applications, or you have a new mine and want to ensure that you are future proofing your mine, 3D-P can handle the situation.

Major Mining Companies Depend on 3D-P.

We employ experts proficient in mining and network equipment as well as application software engineers. Our proven experience meets not only the demands of today’s environment but tomorrow’s as well.

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A Modern Look at Mining Technology

By Mal Jones, 3D-P’s  AsiaPac  Sales Manager

Many current pieces of mining equipment weren’t designed with modern networks in mind, so they all speak different languages. When critical information, such as GPS, slope monitoring, dispatching, dewatering, safety, machine health, etc. can’t be exchanged, efficiency, productivity, and safety are impacted.

3D-P solves these problems with the Intelligent Endpoint™ product line. Now for the first time, all applications can operate across an entire mine on a single high-speed wireless network with modern IP access to all valuable information.

Developed specifically for mining and heavy industrial use, Intelligent Endpoints are ruggedized networking and open computing platforms that provide seamless connectivity, even with on-machine applications not designed for modern networks.

Intelligent Endpoints are based on open systems and designed to be flexible, enabling an operation to connect any manufacturer’s mobile or field systems. And the really good news is 3D-P products allow a mining company to leverage and extend their existing technology investment.

If a certain system or function in a mine wasn’t compatible before, now it can be. The open architecture of the Intelligent Endpoint enables the mine to consolidate their legacy and current technologies onto a single network platform. Intelligent Endpoints gives them a common platform that can be used to provide connectivity to new systems and old, providing uninterrupted, reliable communications for all of the mine’s technology assets. Now the aggregate data from various systems throughout the mine can be instantly converted into actionable information, all to help lower cost of production and improve a mine’s safety.

If you would like more information on modern solutions for a not so modern mining operation, contact us at or visit us at

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Largest Gold Producer in the Northern Hemisphere Replaced Modular Network with 3D-P Open Source 802.11n Wireless Network.

This Conversion Resulted in 99% Up-Time.

Press Release: Calgary, Alberta, Canada – April 25, 2012:  3D-P, the leading resource for technologically-advanced onboard open-sourced computing platforms and wireless networks, announced today a successful deployment of 802.11n wireless network at a Canadian-based gold mining company. This is the first successful deployment of its kind in a surface mining environment.

The deployment met the demands for higher through-put requirements from intensive data-driven application on board the mobile fleet as well as provided future bandwidth requirements for additional applications.

“This is the future of mining,” stated Sean McClary, 3D-P’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “We are seeing more and more mining companies wanting wireless networks, even those who really aren’t set up for modern technology.  3D-P products are designed to work within those systems. This first installation will be our show piece for mines across the world.”

3D-P uses the most rugged, technologically-advanced onboard open-sourced computing platforms and wireless networks to keep mines, operations and people connected. 3D-P can enable control and visibility of every facet of a company’s mining assets and resources in real-time so companies can boost productivity and up profits.

About 3D-P

3D-P was formed in 1996 to bring world-class technologies to mining and the natural resource industry. Our products increase productivity and decrease costs through the implementation of technology that is proven, reliable and cost effective.

Our team of experts includes Mining Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Telecommunications Engineers, Consultants and Software Engineers that have decades of experience in the Natural Resource industry developing advanced technology systems. We bring that experience to work every day solving your mobile application and wireless network problems. Visit us online to learn more, and follow our blog:

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3D-P Launches Plans for Industry Expansion and Diversification

Leader in Mining Technology Solutions set to expand into Oil/Gas, Railway and Seaports.

3D-P a leader in mining technology solutions launched a new website today purporting its intent to diversify the company’s industry focus. For well over a decade 3d-p, headquartered in Canada, has successfully deployed ruggedized networking and open computing platforms in mines across the globe and has established field offices in Australia, South America and the US.

“We’ve known from the beginning that our solutions would work extremely well in other industries. Our open source, “plug and play” technology is both needed and has been sought after by industries unrelated to mining for quite some time,” said Sean McClary, Vice President of Global Sales. “Our new facility and additional personnel provide ample infrastructure for aggressive growth. The time is right for us to begin the diversification.”

About 3D-P

3D-P was formed in 1996 with a goal of bringing world-class technologies to mining and the natural resource industry. The company’s products increase productivity and decrease costs through the implementation of technology that is proven, reliable and cost effective.

The team of experts includes Mining Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Telecommunications Engineers, Consultants and Software Engineers that have decades of experience in the Natural Resource industry developing advanced technology systems. The company brings that experience to work every day solving mobile application and wireless network problems. Visit the new web site at

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Hire an expert. Get an SLA

By Greg Bazar, Managing Director, 3D-P

Wouldn’t it be great if your Doctor could guarantee that you would be healthy 99.5% of the time? “Just eat an apple a day” he says. Too bad you consumed the extra cheeseburger instead! Too bad that your Doctor is always doing a post mortem on your health. You visit because you have a cold, your ears ache, you fell down. The point is that you are already broken. You would be much better off if you went to the gym once a week or just took the stairs at the office.

Your technology needs the same type of focus and attention.

The latest trends and best practices focus on proactive monitoring for better ROI. The success of a project may have everything to do with planning and implementation, but the long term return on investment is directly tied to maintenance and up-time.

In the world of technology almost every company implements a project with the best intentions. Returns have been carefully calculated, costs estimated and budgeted. The project gets implemented, signed off and then starts a slow decline until the next upgrade cycle. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Service Levels Save Money

Technology needs an SLA or a Service Level Agreement. It is the gym membership for your investment. It is the apple a day that can keep the system crash away.

Heavy equipment has regular proactive maintenance. More and more companies are turning to equipment vendors like Caterpillar to perform all service under a contract with guaranteed up-time. While there are certainly costs associated with vendor performed maintenance, the long term returns are clear. More up-time equates to more profit. So many costs are fixed that the extra 3% equipment availability falls right to the bottom line.

In the network and computer technology industry this ongoing proactive maintenance is called Managed Services. The vendor manages the service, performs the service and proactively makes sure the equipment in the field keeps working the way it was designed. Your staff IT guys are paid to fix things that are broken and really like their warm cozy offices. It is hard to get them into the field, get their boots on and fix that busted antenna on the dozer that is ripping overburden in the back 40. Your Managed Service provider however is incented not only to get that antenna fixed, but build a schedule of antenna replacement and proactive upkeep. After all, the contract rewards up-time, not office chair time.

An additional benefit of Managed Services is that the vendor has multiple customers. They can spread the cost of the Cisco engineers and wireless engineers and spectrum analyzers across multiple accounts, meaning that you get more expertise for less cost.  This of it this way: If you have a budget of $250k you can hire a couple guys and get a truck. They will take constant training and won’t have any of the tools pre-developed to make them successful. Everything starts out on the ground floor.

For the same money you can pay an army of experts to spend 10% of their time on your project. With their tools and systems they get more done in less time using better techniques. They are experts. They handle the ongoing training internally, the HR issues internally. All you see is contract guaranteed up-time.

The same concept works for fractional jet ownership. You really want a jet and can see how it will save you all kinds of time, but the pilots, the jet, the hangar really add up. And once you have them you spend extra just to justify keeping them. A fractional jet ownership however gives you access to planes anywhere in the world ready to go. Sure you pay a little more per hour, but the long term benefits are pretty stellar.

So, hire an expert, get an SLA and eat an apple!

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