Mining Solutions

Advancing technology brings exciting new applications to improve a mine’s productivity and safety.   Integrating, networking and enabling these applications also brings challenges.  3D-P has the solutions.

Application Integration onto Any Network

Through years of working with mining technology applications, 3D-P understands precisely how each mining application needs to communicate.  3D-P’s ruggedized Intelligent Endpoints feature application management tools to simplify and efficiently enable the integration of mining specific applications.  The Intelligent Endpoint is also an open computing platform, which is vendor and network agnostic and can be deployed on any wireless network.

Reliable Wireless Networking

3D-P also provides turnkey solutions that are designed from the ground-up to address the unique challenges of the surface mine – we  design, deploy, optimize and support robust wireless networks that are specifically engineered for the mining environment.   3D-P’s networks can provide the blazing fast throughput necessary to support high-bandwidth applications with the reliability to enable autonomous mining programs.

Smart IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers big value for mining. Ever increasing access to productivity and asset health information from in-pit and mobile devices allows miners to adapt more quickly to changing requirements and conditions in the mine. The collection of this data from the many connected in-field devices is known as the connected Internet of Things. The next generation of IoT push is moving from a simply “connected” environment to a “smart” environment in which mines move beyond simply collecting the data to an environment that leverages this new wealth of IoT data at the “edge”.

Improve Productivity, Safety & Your Bottom Line

3D-P’s mining solutions unleash the power of mining technology systems.   Our intelligent management of wireless access allows you to deploy more productivity and safety systems and permits the automation of machine data downloads.   Paired with the renowned reliability of our products, this ensures your equipment spends more time mining and less time in maintenance directly improving your bottom line.

Let 3D-P do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time doing what you do best – mining.

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