Custom Solutions

Custom Hardware Solutions with 3D-P’s Open Architecture

With 3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoints there’s no need to attempt a one size fits all deployment.   After all, every mine is different with custom requirements.

3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoints are open computing platforms that are application and radio agnostic.   This provides the flexibility to tailor your on-machine hardware to meet your unique needs.

New hardware interfaces, data sensors or embedded wireless cards can easily be integrated for a tailored solution specific to your needs. This allows 3D-P to provide a customized solution for an optimized deployment with minimal hardware installations and maintenance as well as reduced costs and complexity.

Your Data Where You Want It, When You Need It

3D-P are the mine networking experts.   We know how to move your data from your machine and turn into actionable information.   3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoint is a powerful computing platform with an open architecture that includes on-board solid state storage and ruggedized wireless connectivity.   This allows us to quickly deploy new software features to log the information  you want, provide customized reports and schedule offloads to remote databases and servers based on either regular time intervals or even geo-location.

If you’re struggling to access your sensor information we can help develop custom applications to efficiently route your data where it can be readily accessed and processed.

Network Performance Optimization

Is your network under-performing?   If you have a 3D-P network we’ll perform regular performance audits but even if you deployed with another vendor or if your network is self-deployed but you no longer have the resources to maintain it yourself, 3D-P can assist.   Starting with a site survey, 3D-P can help you alleviate your network congestion, enable the deployment of new applications and help get the maximum performance out of your current system.

3D-P’s custom solution will simplify your on-machine installations,  reduce your hardware costs, and minimize installation and maintenance requirements while ensuring your on-board data can be readily access and processed where and how you need it.