Mining Application Integration

Application Management Suite 

Many mining applications are not well suited for  wireless networking or were designed to work on the application vendor’s specific wireless network with little or no consideration of sharing the resource with other on-board applications.     Some may use legacy or proprietary protocols or non-standard physical interfaces for network connection.   Further, mining applications can often demand heavy throughput at times or may attempt to transfer large numbers of sizable packets which can cause network congestion if not properly managed.

The Intelligent Endpoint features multiple physical I/O interfaces and features a suite of on-board application management tools that seamlessly integrate any mining application onto the wireless network. These tools have been custom developed by 3D-P based on our deep understanding of how each mining system attempts to communicate – this groundwork will solve both your hardware and software challenges associated with networking multiple applications.  

The Endpoint also intelligently manages how each mining technology application accesses the network to conserve bandwidth on a finite resource. This allows all 3rd party applications to efficiently share a single network which allows the mine operator to confidently deploy more productivity and safety systems than would have been otherwise possible – and with improved, reliable and robust communications.

Now, dispatch, machine health systems, high-precision GPS, slope monitoring, dewatering, IP cameras, fatigue monitoring systems and more can be easily integrated regardless of vendor.

Reduced Technology Clutter

3D-P’s solution to mining application integration reduces technology clutter in the cab. Interconnections can be simplified, legacy or application specific radios can be easily removed, and third party hardware components can be eliminated.

This not only not reduces installation and maintenance requirements but also enhances safety and productivity through improved in-cab visibility and operator situational awareness.


On-board Application Hosting

3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoints are open computing platforms capable of running multiple applications directly on-board.

Designed as an open platform, multiple mining systems from third party vendors can now reside directly on one Intelligent Endpoint which eliminates the need for additional hardware. This reduces your deployment costs and maintenance requirements while increasing safety and efficiency, improving reliability, and further reducing technology clutter.