Reliable Wireless Networks

Designed For Mining

Mining requires reliability – continuous operation and safety drive the bottom line. 3D-P’s wireless networks are specifically engineered to meet the unique and demanding needs of the surface mine and improve your return on investment.

3D-P’s unique approach to network design focuses on optimizing throughput for each client device while ensuring high availability.    This makes certain that your productivity and safety applications have reliable network connectivity which, in turn, maximizes operational up-time and saves you money.

Scalable & Robust

Traditional network deployments often attempt to maximize coverage areas through the use of high gain antennas or radio masts.  While suitable for consumer-grade networks in an urban or semi-urban environment, this approach causes noise floor congestion in the open pit, reduces available bandwidth, and hinders scalability.

The 3D-P network ensures scalability and network availability by avoiding blanket coverage and instead deploying with appropriately designed coverage zones.     This prevents noise floor congestion and ensures your network can easily scale as your  mining operation changes.

Flexible, Fast, & Secure

3D-P’s philosophy is based on designing the right network for your mine site. Whether you require the reliability of a Rajant deployment, the speed of 802.11n or the security of private LTE cellular, 3D-P has a solution.

3D-P also offers multiple radio options to facilitate hybrid deployments or to future-proof your investment as your networking requirements change.