3D-P offers a full suite of products to simplify your mine’s network deployment and maximize your uptime.

Built for Mining

3D-P’s products are designed to survive the rigors of mining and to simplify the integration of mining technology applications.   At the heart of our product offering is the Intelligent Endpoint™  – a ruggedized on-machine client device that’s engineered for use in the harshest of environments while remaining easy to configure and manage.   The Intelligent Endpoint is vendor agnostic and can integrate any application on any vendor’s wireless network.

Robust, Reliable & Easy to Maintain

3D-P offers device and network management software to simplify the provisioning and administration of our products.   Our intuitive Web-based tools allow for quick and easy networking of all your mining applications with minimal training and a fail-safe feature ensures you always have reliable connectivity.    3D-P’s products let you spend your time doing what you do best – mining.

Improve Productivity, Safety & Your Bottom Line

3D-P’s products  unleash the power of your mining technology systems.   Our intelligent management of wireless access allows you to deploy more productivity and safety applications and permits the automation of machine data downloads.   Coupled with the renowned reliability of our products, this makes sure your equipment spends more time mining and less time in maintenance.

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