Access Points

Rajant BreadCrumb® Nodes

The BreadCrumb products feature multiple transceivers that support InstaMesh®, Rajant’s proprietary meshing and routing protocol.   These devices extend upon standards-based 802.11n technology and can create a self-healing and self-forming Kinetic Mesh network.

The LX5 BreadCrumb is ideally suited for fixed location access point mounting.  Containing four integrated radios which can all participate in the Kinetic Mesh, the LX5 allows data transmission across a number of different frequency channels.  This alleviates congestion and enhances scalability in the mine.  The LX5 can also provide non-mesh 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity for off-the-shelf devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Extreme Access Points

The AP 7562 access point provides superior performance in the mining environment and unlocks the benefits of 802.11ac 7562MIMO technology over a significantly larger coverage area. Access Points from Extreme (formerly Zebra Technologies) also features MeshConnex™  routing technology which uses a hybrid proactive and reactive solution to provide low latency, high speed and scalable networking.   Primary and secondary routes to gateway nodes are maintained at all times.

In addition to the performance achieved through MIMO technology, 3D-P has developed a dual polarized antenna solution, which further improves performance over distance. In the surface mine, this optimizes available client throughput at a greater distance from the base.