Intelligent Endpoints

HOR-E200 pic

The Intelligent Endpoint is a powerful, rugged mobile computing system complete with 3D-P’s own situationally aware suite of software, data management and integration tools. Designed specifically to endure the rigors of the heavy mobile mining environment, the Intelligent Endpoint is the obvious single choice to provide seamless integration and management of all the data and onboard applications onto a single wireless network.

e200 Intelligent Endpoint

The e200 is the 4th generation of Intelligent Endpoint and our latest model. Featuring expanded application hosting capabilities, it includes the possibility of running Linux and/or Windows-based applications either natively or within hardware-virtualized Virtual Machines (VM’s).

Built on top of a modular platform, the e200 allows for factory upgrades of processing, memory and storage capabilities, as well as the ability to migrate to new radio options as they become available, providing a high level of upgradeability and scalability.

Easy to use, blistering fast network performance and with its suite of integration and resource sharing tools, the e200 is the ideal choice for end customers, OEMs and application vendors looking to satisfy their current and future on-machine computing and communication requirements.


  • Common Applications Host – The Intelligent Endpoint is a completely open platform enabling to either integrate or host mobile applications on one common platform reducing maintenance complexity and downtime.
    It features multiple hardware interfaces to connect to virtually all on-board systems, without the need for external switches or adapters.
  • Single Hardware Solution – The Intelligent Endpoint eliminates the need for additional hardware, hence reducing technology clutter in the cab.
  • Powerful Network Management Tool – Each Intelligent Endpoint comes standard with 3D-P’s iep software suite of management tools simplifying the way applications access the network for minimized bandwidth consumption.
  • Asset tracker and more – The Intelligent Endpoint is GPS-enabled and can log network performance metrics by location.
  • Vendor Agnostic – The Intelligent Endpoint can be deployed on a network from virtually any vendor and using any radio technology (802.11n, Rajant InstaMesh® and 4G LTE cellular as well as additional technologies upon request).
  • Future-Proof – Offering dual-radio options, the Intelligent Endpoint offers the flexibility to integrate mining applications on an existing wireless network with the ability to use the same hardware for a future network upgrade.
  • Remote Management Solution – The Intelligent Endpoint can be remotely configured and administered by 3D-P’s Endpoint Manager office software.
  • Custom solutions – The open architecture of the Intelligent Endpoint provides the flexibility to tailor the on-machine hardware to meet each customer’s unique needs.


  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Improved access to data for increased productivity
  • Improved management of network use