Mining Communication Trailers

Rollout Field Power Easily

The 3D-P mining communication trailers give you the ability to quickly and cost-effectively provide power to remote locations. This can simplify your network rollout and allows the flexibility to extend your wireless coverage as your mine’s footprint develops. Powered by wind or solar panel, they integrate all components into one unit so you have both power and retractable radio masts for a single, easy deployment.

Custom Designed for Reliability

Each 3D-P trailer is custom designed to meet your specific power requirements at your geographic location. This ensures you have a cost-efficient but reliable power source in the field with minimal maintenance requirements.

Safe & Simple to Deploy

Heavy-duty and portable, the 3D-P communication trailers provide mounting solutions for multiple large solar panels as well as wind power. The telescoping and hinged mast allows for easy radio swaps and maintenace on mast-mounted components. The hinged design also makes it simple to install infrastructure and performance maintenance both quickly and safely.

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