Hybrid Fuel Cell and Solar Trailer

3D-P new mining communication trailer combines conventional solar power energy with an intelligent fuel cell generator.Fuel Cell Trailer

A Smart Energy Producer

This integrated fuel cell generator is based on DMFC technology, a catalytic process which converts methanol (methyl alcohol) into electricity. The generator is a smart energy producer which monitors the battery charge level and automatically recharges it to compensate for any shortfalls. It then switches to standby without any need for human intervention.

Increased Autonomy and Reduced Maintenance

This system allows for longer autonomy than batteries only powered by solar energy. Downtime and maintenance intervals are reduced by avoiding the deep discharging of the battery and the trailer’s autonomy is increased. Excess heat from the fuel cell is used to keep the insulated battery and electronic compartments warm. Easily and cost-effectively deployable in remote locations, each unit is custom configured for our customers’ specific load requirements and geographic locations.

Built for the Coldest Climates

The fuel cell generator is aimed at colder climates and allows 3D-P’s communication trailer to provide power and keep batteries charged throughout the winter season.


  • Extended autonomy in cold and long winters
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Extra power available for higher power draw systems 
  • Easy installation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Economical, quiet and emission free