Network Management Tools

3D-P offers a suite of centralized office software to simplify the management of your deployment, ensure your network is performing optimally and monitor all your assets at a glance

Convenient Centralized Administration

Each of 3D-P’s network management tools are accessible via an easy-to-use web interface protected by role-based authentication. This gives you the freedom to securely configure your Intelligent Endpoints, monitor their location, or view system performance anywhere on your wired or wireless network.

Get Up & Running Quickly

3D-P’s office software takes the confusion out of network configuration and management. With an intuitive graphical user interface as well as both template and application based provisioning, even non-technical staff can easily maintain, manage and track both Intelligent Endpoints and 3rd party assets with only minimal training. This allows your resources to pro-actively manage your operations and achieved productivity improvement and costs reduction.

Easy to Deploy

3D-P’s network management tools can be quickly deployed as either virtual machines or can be provided on a server-grade 1U rack mount appliance.

Learn more about how 3D-P management tools can simplify your mining network challenges:

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Endpoint Manager

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