Endpoint Manager

The Endpoint Manager is 3D-P’s IEP management appliance that allows administrators to quickly and cost-effectively administer and configure their Intelligent Endpoint network.

Simplify Your Network Management

Easy to use, Endpoint Manager allows you to remotely provision your Intelligent Endpoint fleet with minimal training. Through an intuitive web-based interface and with real-time diagnostics, you can remotely audit your Intelligent Endpoint fleet, push firmware updates, add features or update Endpoint configurations. 3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoints periodically transmit basic identity information to automatically detect devices on the network and report on configuration changes and error conditions. Endpoint Manager also provides the ability to remotely collect the geo-location of your Endpoints, retrieve system logs and audit all the devices on your network.

Easy Integration of Your Mining Applications

Endpoint Manager supports both template and application based provisioning which allows your staff to deploy new devices in minutes without extensive training or in-depth knowledge of IT, mining applications or wireless networking.    Templates allow standard configurations for your trucks, shovels, loaders and other equipment to be save and applied to new Endpoints.   Application based provisioning allows configuration from precompiled packages that support multiple vendor systems including Modular® Dispatch®, CAT® MineStar™ / Terrain™,  Leica / Jigsaw  and P&H Centurion.

Flexible & Secure

The Endpoint Manager is provided on either a 1U rack-mount appliance or virtual machine and is typically installed on an office LAN to which wireless access points are also connected. A web-based interface gives you the freedom to configure and manage your Endpoints centrally or from anywhere on your wired or wireless network. Role-based authentification and access restrictions permit secure use by IT staff and field technicians.