3D-P Insight

All of Your Assets’ Parameters at a Glance

3D-P Insight is a comprehensive tool, purpose-built for mining. It allows mine operators to easily monitor, trend, and alert on key business performance indicators. With its unique ability to monitor both 3D-P and 3rd party assets including network infrastructure, mining applications and machine interfaces, Insight provides a near real-time view of all your assets and data connections in the field.

Alerts and Trend AnalysisLaptop_Drill down

Customizable actions (i.e. alerts, notifications) can be configured when thresholds have been exceeded allowing prompt identification and resolution of potential issues before they impact your operations

Performance data for any chosen time period can be visually displayed separately or in conjunction with one or several other parameters, allowing incident analysis and trending for optimal performance management.

A Customizable Solution

Insight can be customized for each deployment, giving operators a tailor-made and context-aware platform they can use to proactively manage their networks and applications. Going far beyond most network monitors, this tool ties all relevant data points providing you with intelligent information, promoting internal productivity improvement and costs reduction.