Custom Engineering

Tailored Solutions

3D-P products are open computing platforms that use a standards based architecture. This means we can easily customize your on-machine hardware based on your specific needs and requirements including adding new data sensors, integrating new wireless radio cards and adding new hardware interfaces. This helps to minimize the amount of equipment you need to deploy which reduces cab clutter as well installation and maintenance requirements.

Custom Software Development

The 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint is much more than a simple ruggedized radio – its open architecture allows to deploy new custom software packages to meet your unique needs. Whether you need to log sensor data directly to the Intelligent Endpoint, distribute position information, transfer logs to remote servers or databases, or produce custom reporting, 3D-P can quickly get the job done.

3D-P custom engineering services will simplify your deployments, reduce your hardware costs, and minimize installation and maintenance requirements while ensuring your onboard data can be readily accessed and processed where and how you need it.