Flexible Support Levels

3D-P stands proudly behind its products and services with exceptional warranty programs and experienced support.

Support When and Where You Need it

3D-P offers tiered support levels that provide you with the peace of mind that your 3D-P deployment will have maximum uptime. Our support staff are always available for emergency with a 24/7 hotline number to make sure your deployment keeps running smoothly. 3D-P’s well-trained personnel are stationed across the globe to ensure you have local support when and where you need it.

Optional Wireless Network Performance Audit

A wireless network performance audit can be included into the renewal of your support agreement. Its objective is to provide you  with up to date qualitative and quantitative data on the performance of your network, as well as recommendations for its optimisation and the increased longevity of the network devices.

Incorporating both an on-site physical inspection and a review of the configuration and management of the Intelligent Endpoints and other components making up your network, this network performance audit ensures that your network performs optimally.

Extended Warranty Tier

The standard limited liability warranty on most products manufactured and sold by 3D-P is one year, however it can be extended for up to five years. Extended warranty not only provides you with cost certainty on your deployment but also includes all the benefits of advanced replacement support tier.

3D-P responsive support team and comprehensive product coverage plans ensure your deployment will remain trouble free with no unexpected costs.