Network Performance Monitoring

Deploying and maintaining wireless networks that evolve with your mine while supporting an ever-growing list of safety, productivity, and asset health applications can be challenging. Visualization of network performance can play a large part in understanding the networks current challenges as well as support the integration of new applications.

Network Performance Monitoring at the Edge

Network Performance Analysis Tools (NPAT), designed specifically for mining, monitor network performance from a mobile’s fleet perspective. Running a number of active and passive tests, it provides you with the necessary intelligence to monitor network performance and proactively act as terrain and applications evolve.

Fully customizable and with data geo- and time-referenced, NPAT provides you with a true representation of each mobile client’s experience on the network.

Unique 3D Visualizations

NPAT Visualizations are map-based with specific viewing filters that can be applied to provide meaningful context around the parameters that affect the performance of your network.

Laptop_NPAT 3D

Network Performance 3D Visualization