Site Surveys

3D-P has decades of experience in designing, deploying and supporting wireless networks in the mining environment. A site survey from 3D-P lays the flagstone for a successful and reliable network.

Plan For Success

Looking to deploy a new wireless network at your mine site?  Planning on expanding  your foot print? Is your current wireless network underperforming?

A site survey conducted by 3D-P professional service team will lay the foundations to ensure your network deployment, expansion or upgrade is engineered for success.

Boots On The Ground

A survey from 3D-P starts with a site visit from one of 3D-P experienced solution architects.  After the necessary safety training and site orientation, we begin the discovery process to understand what current and future applications are networked wirelessly, how many mobile clients are accessing the network and the required coverage areas.

Next, a review of the mines topography is conducted.  This helps to identify exiting wireless networking equipment, potential obstacles to RF transmission, available power and fiber drops, as well as appropriate locations for new infrastructure and client access points.

Last, a radio frequency scan is performed to identify any potential sources of interference and assist us in developing an appropriate channelization scheme for your specific site.

A Report  You Can Count On

The findings of the site survey are fully documented in a detailed report.  This report will include discussion of a proposed network footprint including: infrastructure and access point count and locations, a suggested deployment methodology, best practices, the results of any potential interference concerns and the corresponding recommendations for remediation.

If you are upgrading your network a discussion of the rollout process to minimize interruption to ongoing production is also presented.