Trained staff is essential to ensure that your network continuously performs at an optimal level.

That’s why 3D-P offers a range of training sessions on Rajant, Motomesh and 802.11n technologies that will provide your staff with the necessary skills to prevent wireless mining communication issues, faster troubleshoot and generally better utilize your network.

Understanding the issues specific to the mining industry, our training sessions are hands-on and will answer any particular network-related issue you may experience at your site. One, Two and three days long, we can also customize the content and length of our classes to meet your requirements. For best learning results and interactions, we limit our classes to 10 students.

General classroom sessions are regularly held in Calgary, Safford and Perth, however we can also accommodate exclusive on-site sessions or other major cities convenient to you. For more information on our next training session, please fill the form on the right or alternatively contact your account manager.

Coming in 2016 we’ll launch our new 3D-P Certified Technician program that offers benefits to both your staff and your business.

3D-P training benefits:

  • Hands-on
  • Customizable courseware
  • On-site option available
  • Small classes
  • Experienced trainer
  • Customized training based on the technology used on-site

Read some of the comments from past attendees:

“Best training I’ve had on anything in a very long time. Engaged ALL the time (and) the information was great.”

“I thought this course was really well presented and the content was what we were hoping for.”

“An excellent delivery….LOADS of information, but delivered so as not to overload the brain too much. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward to applying my learnings in the working system.”