Turnkey Wireless Networks

3D-P has designed, deployed and optimized wireless networks at dozens of mines around the world.

Designed for Mining

The surface mine presents a unique environment for wireless deployment.  3D-P takes a unique approach to network design. Unlike an urban outdoor deployment where buildings, trees and other obstacles cause shadowing and attenuation, the access points in an open pit are usually line of site to each other. Consequently, using a traditional design methodology of maximizing RF coverage will raise the noise floor and cause sub-optimal performance. 3D-P engineers your network to appropriately manage the noise floor – this ensures each client device has optimal throughput and latency throughout the entire network with minimal infrastructure.

Our deployments of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies such as 802.11n are also customized for the surface mine. MIMO relies on multipath to allow for dual data stream connectivity which is ideal for urban or indoor networks. The surface mine, being a comparatively line of site environment, has very little multipath. Consequently, 3D-P uses orthogonally polarized devices which significantly increases the MIMO dual data stream range between access points and clients. This dramatically improves the available throughput of your network.

Installation & Deployment

3D-P has skilled service staff stationed around the globe. Our service representatives can safely and professionally install your on-machine devices and network infrastructure to ensure a quick and successful deployment. Alternatively, we can provide over-the-shoulder training to empower your on-site employees to manage equipment installation and configuration.

Optimization & Tuning

Following the initial installation your network is tuned to ensure that throughput, latency and coverage are optimal across the entire deployment and all your mining productivity and safety applications are communicating efficiently. 3D-P uses a suite of standard software tools available on our Intelligent Endpoints to validate network performance and provide a baseline report prior to final commissioning.

Ongoing Support

Our experienced staff will provide ongoing support of your entire network deployment. Our support plans include 24/7 support for timely response in the event of an emergency as well as annual performance audits which ensure your network remains performing optimally. We also stand behind the reliability of our hardware with low-cost advance hardware replacement and extended warranty options.