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Fraser Surry Docks

Improving wireless network performance required the right technology and the right partner.

Rajant InstaMesh technology can only work if it’s deployed to perform. 3D-P’s deep experience and expertise in challenging outdoor environments allowed Fraser Surry Docks to achieve 100% coverage and throughput averaging between 2 and 20 Mbps over the entire site.

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Surface Mine

Increasing network coverage and eliminating downtime doesn’t always mean adding more hardware.

Sometimes the most obvious solution isn’t the right one. 3D-P’s understanding of network performance allowed this mining company to avoid new expenditure on network infrastructure while preventing unnecessary downtime.

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Surface Mine: Eastern Goldfields Western Australia

What if you could improve your productivity by 10% by making one change?

Learn more about how one mine, that was recording productivity data manually was about to improve their production in three areas by implementing 3D-P’s Production System.

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