Know the Environment

Understanding the unique physical and technical parameters that create Radio Frequency (RF) challenges in your industry is a critical first step toward the performance of your wireless network.

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Focus on the Applications

A deep dive into your current and future application requirements, with specific focus on how they may impact operations, is essential to guarantee ongoing performance of your network.

Plan appropriately

Pick the Technology

Selection of the right technology for your wireless deployment is only possible after gaining the necessary site’s specific environmental and application knowledge, ensuring performance and scalability.

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Improving performance of your LTE network

The Hybrid LTE/InstaMesh® Osprey Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) guarantees mission critical connectivity, extending the coverage and performance of LTE networks through the addition of true peer to peer meshing capability.

We work with a broad range of the most advanced technology companies to bring you solutions that fit your needs.

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Success Stories

3D-P was created to bring innovative thinking and new technologies to outdoor industrial environments. Discover how we helped some of our customers push the envelope or visit our Success Stories page for more stories.


3D-P delivers autonomy-ready wireless network

3D-P was selected to help a mine in North America implement an autonomy ready wireless network. The project delivered possibly the highest performing network of its kind in the region, at a fraction of the cost of other similarly-sized and complex networks.


3D-P helps a quarry achieve ROI in under 1 year

An aggregate quarry in Virginia, part of a global aggregate company, was recording its daily production with pen and paper. To improve their competitive advantage, 3D-P helped the quarry run an FMS pilot program to demonstrate the value and improvement FMS would provide.


3D-P provides 100% coverage at Fraser Surrey

With deep experience and expertise in challenging outdoor environments, 3D-P was tasked with improving Fraser Surrey Docks’s wireless network.
The result: 100% coverage and throughput averaging between 2 and 20 Mbps over the entire site.


3D-P delivers complete hardware integration

A large mining company was looking for ways to reduce wireless network management and improve network performance while gathering additional machine health data. 3D-P delivered a complete hardware integration solution, delivering on both performance and costs.


3D-P upgrades Drummond’s network seamlessly

For Drummond, their wireless network upgrade needed to have minimal impact on production. Through long-term planning and a staged-transition with multiple networks running in parallel, 3D-P helped Drummond upgrade their network on time and on budget.


3D-P decreases network reported issues by 50%

With an aging Wi-Fi network and many disparate client solutions and applications, an end-of-life mine was experiencing significant connectivity issues. 3D-P was engaged to provide a cost-effective solution to improve and maintain performance of their wireless network.