Your data.
Where you want it.
When you need it.
In any challenging environment.

improve productivity

Improve Productivity

Increase your overall productivity and profit by deploying the right network solution that ensures you reliable access to your critical data when you need it.

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ensure roi

Ensure ROI

Get reliable, purpose-built wireless communications solutions that provide real-time access to critical data at the lowest cost of ownership.

Invest Wisely
application integration

Integrate Applications

Integrate multiple applications directly on one Intelligent Endpoint to reduce on-board technology clutter and manage network access and utilization.

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We work with a broad range of the most advanced technology companies to bring you solutions that fit your needs.

Cambium Networks and CiscoExtremeRajant and Redline

Wireless communication and edge computing solutions for outdoor industrial environments.

3D-P was created to bring innovative thinking and new technologies to outdoor industrial environments. We continue to push our thinking about what is possible – bringing our innovative thinking and approach to other challenging industrial environments around the world. We work closely with our clients to deeply understand their unique needs and provide purpose-built solutions to meet those needs.

Product Spotlight

Hybrid LTE/InstaMesh®

Hybrid LTE solution that provides guaranteed connectivity.

Industry Spotlight
This is the picture of an oil rig

Oil and Gas

Real-time wireless network solutions that support oil and gas operations.

Resource Spotlight

Enabling your Digital Mine

3D-P helps a mine’s wireless network become autonomy ready.