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Mining companies understand the importance of knowing exactly where they are mining, the quality of the goods they are mining,  and creating efficiencies to deliver the product at the lowest cost. Mission-critical data provided by technology is all-important in helping mines achieve their goals.

3D-P Delivers Solutions for Connecting Technology.

Advancing technology brings exciting new applications but also tons of headaches for those who have to manage the application layers. New technology vendors want their customers to add additional hardware along with product-specific wireless networks to support their applications. Unfortunately, this often makes an unmanageable mess, and as a result many mines are unable to take advantage of the latest technology developments.

3D-P Intelligent EndpointTM Solves This Problem.

By utilizing this technology platform, the mine now has an onboard, rugged appliance box that can manage both the applications and the network simultaneously no matter the applications or the network.

3D-P Intelligent Endpoint is Application & Network Friendly.

Intelligent Endpoint™ allows the mine flexibility that it never had before. The Intelligent Endpoint™ is completely agnostic, meaning it can work with any hardware, application and wireless network. This allows mines to take advantage of the best applications and wireless technologies without having to do entire forklift upgrades to equipment and networks.

3D-P Future-Proofs a Mine.

Whether your mine needs a complete wireless network upgrade in order to add new or additional applications, or you have a new mine and want to ensure that you are future proofing your mine, 3D-P can handle the situation.

Major Mining Companies Depend on 3D-P.

We employ experts proficient in mining and network equipment as well as application software engineers. Our proven experience meets not only the demands of today’s environment but tomorrow’s as well.

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