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By Sean McClary, 3D-P’s VP Global Sales and Marketing

When you lay the foundation and build upon a solid plan, you expect good things to happen. But while you are waiting for all the thought-out strategies to bring results  it’s human nature to second guess decisions and to lose sleep over what-if scenarios. That’s where I have been. But somewhere over the past few months, all the pieces have aligned perfectly and the future is clearly on target.  2013 is shaping up to  be quite a year for 3D-P and a banner year for the mining industry.

2012 3D-P Strategies:

Product Expansion & Training:  1) The one box, one tablet concept for cabs was unveiled at MINExpo.  Listening to the needs of our customers, our engineers went to work on a product that would declutter cabs while integrating and delivering all their applications. 2) Our product training kicked-off in December with full classrooms.  On-going sessions are planned for Solo Mesh and 802.lln training and certification.

Unparalleled Customer Service: 1) We consolidated our operations under one “best in class” facility to better serve our global customer base.  2) We expanded our support staff by 50% in Canada and Australia.

Increased Sales Presence: 1) We signed Communications International to represent us in Brazil, Africa and Asia. 2) Mining technology veterans Bill Wright and Sean Wilson were brought on board to help direct and manage business development 3) A building was purchased in Perth to serve as home to 3D-P operations in Australia.

Results of our strategies in 2012: 1) 3D-P product innovations landed us top exposure, and  “One of the companies to watch” at MINExpo in September. 2) 3D-P made sales history by shipping mega pallets of product to one of the largest mining companies in the world. 3) We met and far exceeded our sales goals for 2012..

But to me, the best of all is that we met our number one goal to meet and exceed our customers’ expectation. Our products do what we said they would do, and our service is personal and unequaled. 

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