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By Ron White, 3D-P Vice President of Technology

3D‐P, a leading provider of technology products for the mining industry, is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to the companies Endpoint Manager Product Line, EPM v1.3.

Endpoint Manager allows customers to configure the powerful networking and integration tools included on the Intelligent Endpoint product line from a web based GUI. Endpoint Manager 1.3 includes a new, more powerful network configuration feature which makes it
possible to configure bridges and VLAN’s on the Intelligent Endpoints without opening a terminal and manually editing configurations.

EPM 1.3 also includes the ability to configure some of the latest Intelligent Endpoint integrations, such as controlling the
Digital IO features and HDD Downloads directly from EPM, as well as the ability to configure the latest additions to the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint product line such as the 802.11n capable e55 and dual radio e57, etc. EPM 1.3 is an upgrade to the Endpoint Manager product line, and as such, existing EPM customers on a 3D-P Support Agreement will receive the upgrade at no cost.

Along with EPM 1.3 3D-P is releasing a new version of firmware on their Intelligent Endpoint products. This version 110715 firmware is available for all 3D-P Intelligent Endpoints, and is required for interoperability with EPM 1.3.

Customers who are using the current 3D-P product line (e30, e55, e56, etc.) and upgrade to version 110715 will also find the new EPMOnboard feature of this firmware extremely useful. EPMOnboard allows the customer to configure the basic networking functions of the Intelligent Endpoint directly from a web page on the Intelligent Endpoint itself. This makes it very easy to get a new Intelligent Endpoint up and talking on the network. EPMOnboard also includes diagnostic information about the Endpoint, making it even
easier to maintain your 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint. EPMOnboard is even available to customers of legacy 3D-P equipment such as the e50 product line for a small charge.

The upgrade to the 110715 firmware requires an over the air patch, and in some cases, some re-configuration of the Intelligent Endpoint after upgrade. It is highly recommended that 3D-P support personnel be utilized onsite for this upgrade to ensure minimal
downtime and maximum availability of your critical networking equipment.

For more information on these upgrades, please contact your 3D-P Account Manager, Service Representative, or any of our helpful staff at 1-800-955-93DP (9337).

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