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By Mal Jones, 3D-P’s  AsiaPac  Sales Manager

Many current pieces of mining equipment weren’t designed with modern networks in mind, so they all speak different languages. When critical information, such as GPS, slope monitoring, dispatching, dewatering, safety, machine health, etc. can’t be exchanged, efficiency, productivity, and safety are impacted.

3D-P solves these problems with the Intelligent Endpoint™ product line. Now for the first time, all applications can operate across an entire mine on a single high-speed wireless network with modern IP access to all valuable information.

Developed specifically for mining and heavy industrial use, Intelligent Endpoints are ruggedized networking and open computing platforms that provide seamless connectivity, even with on-machine applications not designed for modern networks.

Intelligent Endpoints are based on open systems and designed to be flexible, enabling an operation to connect any manufacturer’s mobile or field systems. And the really good news is 3D-P products allow a mining company to leverage and extend their existing technology investment.

If a certain system or function in a mine wasn’t compatible before, now it can be. The open architecture of the Intelligent Endpoint enables the mine to consolidate their legacy and current technologies onto a single network platform. Intelligent Endpoints gives them a common platform that can be used to provide connectivity to new systems and old, providing uninterrupted, reliable communications for all of the mine’s technology assets. Now the aggregate data from various systems throughout the mine can be instantly converted into actionable information, all to help lower cost of production and improve a mine’s safety.

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