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By Sean McClary, 3D-P VP of Global Sales & Marketing

A stunning truth came to me this year during MINExpo: Having a technical mind is sometimes a curse in marketing.  Let me explain myself.  I’ve been VP of Global Sales and Marketing for 3D-P for several years and prior to that I was Senior Director of Sales at Motorola -BSG, BEA Systems and Rainmaker Systems.  So, for most of my career I have been in charge of a sales force that sells technology or I’ve been creating marketing pieces that explain technology.

I’ve just learned that most of us “geeks” start our explanations at “M” while the rest of the world is somewhere between “A” and “L”.  I realized while talking to a prospective customer on the Show Floor that I needed to back up a bit and begin at the beginning.  So here’s my attempt:

3D-P Value Proposition

3D-P provides companies with remote mobile operations, a ruggedized computing and networking platform.  The platform allows remote operations to work and provide critical data in real time.  This in turn allows the company to recognize, analyze and manipulate operations in real time.  The benefits provided are:  1) efficiency 2) reduction of down time and man hours 3) safety

What We Do

  • We build ruggedized computing and networking platforms
  • Integrate and manage any application into remote operations
  • Unlock the single vendor stack paradigm
  • Give customers a path to choose best-of-breed applications without being locked into a single vendor
  • Reduce cost and complexity of change

What We Design, Manufacture and Deliver:

Vendor Agnostic Intelligent EndpointsTM with:

  • Open Standards, designed to support all mobile mining applications
  • Customer-driven technology solutions
  • Standard and tailored designs based on requirements

Application software to:

  • Integrate disparate systems (legacy and modern)
  • Optimize Communications (More out of Less)
  • Manage Applications (keep control)
  • Enhance Safety and Production

Our Expertise:

Qualified Personnel in the following areas:

  • Product Development
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Design
  • Radio/Electronic Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Support and Training

Well, that’s my best shot! I welcome questions and comments.  If you’ve got a better way to tell my story, please let me know.




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