3D-P Network-as-a-Service

3D-P is now offering Network as a Service (NaaS), which is an option to replace capital expenditure for purposes of a network purchase.  NaaS provides miners access to the productivity and safety benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), without having to break the bank or create a dedicated IT department.

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3D-P Professional Services

While performance of your wireless network is critical, experience has proven over and over its degradation over time. Whether due to a lack of accountability, training or the appropriate tools to monitor and proactively troubleshoot your wireless network, 3D-P has the tools and teams to support your operation.

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3D-P Managed Services

3D-P Managed Services

Performance of both the fixed and mobile assets that form your wireless network are key to your operations. However, maintenance of those systems can be a challenge and its responsibility can appear diluted and frustrating. 3D-P Managed Services provide you with a solution that streamlines management of these systems, while providing all internal stakeholders with a clear support path.

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