Intelligent Endpoint: e200

The e200 is a fast, rugged and scalable data solution that can grow with your company. The e200 allows much of the analytics your business relies on to be performed at the edge – where the data is collected from IoT devices like sensors and on-machine applications.

e200 Datasheet


Intelligent Endpoint: e20

The e20 (Phantom) is a new, cost-effective, rugged, computing platform for remote fixed assets. Designed as a compact data collector with computing capabilities, the e20 Phantom is the right hardware for simple deployments where connectivity is readily available.

e20 Datasheet


Wireless Networking: Remote Power Station

Remote power stations from 3D-P allow you to quickly and cost-effectively deploy power to remote locations. Custom designed for the environment and application, with sizes from a single solar panel and battery to a complete hybrid solar/fuel cell system, our power stations ensure you have continuous power year round.

Remote Power Station Datasheet