e110 Intelligent Endpoint Data-Radio

The e110 Intelligent Endpoint is designed to remove the barriers to entry for LTE networks in mining. It includes both a high performance LTE modem, as well as a Rajant InstaMesh® node or Wi-Fi radio.

e110 Intelligent Endpoint DataSheet

Intelligent Endpoint: e200

The e200 is a fast, rugged and scalable data solution that can grow with your company. The e200 allows much of the analytics your business relies on to be performed at the edge – where the data is collected from IoT devices like sensors and on-machine applications.

e200 Datasheet


Intelligent Endpoint: e20

The e20 (Phantom) is a new, cost-effective, rugged, computing platform for remote fixed assets. Designed as a compact data collector with computing capabilities, the e20 Phantom is the right hardware for simple deployments where connectivity is readily available.

e20 Datasheet


3D-P Machine Health, powered by Honeywell3D-P’s Machine Health, powered by Honeywell’s Mobile Equipment Monitor (MEM) allows you to remotely monitor, analyze and improve fleet and operator performance in real time by retrieving and analyzing operating data that might not be readily accessible.3D-P Machine Health Product Sheet

3D-P Machine Health Product Sheet Thumb

3D-P Production Load Assist, powered by iVolve

3D-P’s Production Load Assist, powered by iVolve, enables real-time display of load pass, total tonnage, BCM, material and center of gravity data directly to both the excavator (or loader) and truck display, assisting with optimal loading of your trucks every time.

3D-P Production Load Assist Product Sheet

3D-P Production Load Assist Product Sheet Thumb

Wireless Networking: Remote Power Station

Remote power stations from 3D-P allow you to quickly and cost-effectively deploy power to remote locations. Custom designed for the environment and application, with sizes from a single solar panel and battery to a complete hybrid solar/fuel cell system, our power stations ensure you have continuous power year round.

Remote Power Station Datasheet