The Hybrid LTE/InstaMesh® Osprey guarantees performance of your mine’s LTE deployment

Leveraging the multi-radio meshing capability of Rajant’s InstaMesh technology, the Hybrid LTE/InstaMesh Osprey guarantees mission critical connectivity, extending the coverage and performance of LTE networks through the addition of client meshing.

3D-P Remote Power Station

Proper selection and deployment of remote power stations for your outdoor industrial environment provides you with a reliable, yet mobile distribution layer for your wireless network. Learn what to consider when selecting a remote power station and the benefits of the 3D-P solution.

LTE Implementation with 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint

Many off-the-shelf LTE radio options are now available. But what if they could connect to the LTE network for the first time at the click of a button? What if they allowed you to do much more, including monitor the performance of your wireless network in real-time?

Protecting your Digital Mine from cyber attacks

Operational environments are no longer deployed in isolation and the attack surface continues to grow making it harder to secure the operational process. More needs to done in order to ensure that proper controls are in place and greater overall visibility is achieved. Time to go beyond passive defenses and move towards active defense

The IEP tests

The 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) was designed to survive the harshest environments. We put it to numerous tests and we prove the IEP is RUGGEDIZED!