Smart IoT in Mining

Enabling access to all your data efficiently and cost effectively with a Smart IoT System.

Access to all the data that makes your Digital Mine can be challenging. Deployment of an open computing source that includes Smart IoT capabilities can significantly reduce the cost and barrier to entry associated with adding more applications, forming your Digital Mine.

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Enabling access to all your data with a Smart IoT System

LTE in Mining

Will it provide the predictability, capacity and speed you need for your mine?

The introduction of LTE to the mining industry came with high performance expectations. A few years in, what are the challenges and performance seen for the technology?

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LTE in mining white paper cover

Mining Wireless Network

Designing a reliable wireless network for surface mining.

Mobility, congestion, mining topology, RF contention are all challenges unique to surface mining. What parameters to consider when designing a wireless network in this environment?

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Mining Wireless Network White Paper

Remote Power Stations

Considerations for their design in the mining environment.

Deployment of the appropriate remote power station is essential to prevent expensive network downtime and troubleshooting time. What parameters should you consider when selecting your power station?

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Remote Paper Station White Paper Cover

When you’re working in a challenging environment, we are your wireless technology experts.