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Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows businesses to create value by adding intelligence to objects and connecting them to a system that proactively monitors, analyzes and produces valuable outcome.



Traditional IoT can hurt your network.

When applied to mining, the sky is the limit. Productivity, maintenance efforts, ROI, all can be improved through deployment of the appropriate sensors onboard the mobile equipment and their real time communication back to the core.

Communication often becomes the weak link. Unlike the typical business or consumer use cases, miners rely on continuous, real time communication of small packets of data back to the core. As applications and “things” are added, performance of the wireless network deteriorates to the point IoT data points can no longer be transmitted.

One solution is the regular upgrade of the mine’s wireless network as more intelligence is required. Often, the cost associated with these constant upgrades becomes a deterrent.
An alternative, providing a more affordable and scalable solution is to add some “Smarts” to IoT.

Take your analytics to the edge.

A smart IoT approach allows some, if not most, of the analytics to be performed at the edge of the network, where the data resides. The edge computing device onboard the fleet collects the data from locally connected IoT sensors and applies some analytics or processing of the data at the edge, before sending the data over the network.

Alerts can still be sent in real time back to the core when thresholds are exceeded, allowing prompt identification and resolution of potential issues before they impact the mine’s operation. And the rest of the data is transmitted in a manner that is appropriate for that particular data or application.

The result: reduction in the pressure placed on the wireless network while ensuring continuous real-time access to the data, improving productivity, asset health and wireless network ROI.

Ron White, CTO at 3D-P, will cover the smart IoT solutions available to miners during his presentation at the 2018 Annual SME Conference, taking place in Minneapolis, Feb. 25 – 28. If you want to attend this presentation, simply request a free ticket. Our products have provided Smart IoT solutions to our customers long before IoT was even a word!

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