All the data, plus the analytics to use it.

Running on-board the Intelligent Endpoint (IEP), Honeywell’s data collectors and data logger can gather data from most, if not all, of your heavy equipment sensors and alerts – even those that are typically not readily available. That data is stored on the Intelligent Endpoint data logger, and then offloaded to the office based data concentrator before being handed to the data historian and event historian.

At that point, the data is available for third party analytics, or analytics through Honeywell’s powerful Mobile Equipment Monitor (MEM) package.

MEM provides real-time remote monitoring of all your critical equipment health data. This includes:

  • Raw sensor data
  • Equipment health status
  • Dashboards
  • Predictive modeling
  • Alarm handling
  • Data trending
  • Alarm annotation
  • Alarm close-out results

With centralization of your equipment monitoring operations, MEM provides integration, automation and use of data analytics for simplified and better performing operations. Teams become more productive with a number of resources no longer required onsite.