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Choose One of the Following:

Love it! Everything works well all/most of the time – A – B

Some hardware/applications speak different language and can’t connect – C+

Old, doesn’t support modern technology – C

Frustrating. Constantly gives us trouble – D

I have threatened to blow it up – F

If you gave your network a C+ or below, you are in the company of mines across the globe. Most are facing complex communication problems, and network grades are slipping every day.

In Sean McClary’s blog, “Taking a Lesson from Corporate IT: Overcoming Technology Creep,” he explains why.

“Not long ago a typical surface mine needed very little in terms of data across a wireless network. Fast forward to today and that same mine may need 10 or 20 times the wireless network throughput. Unfortunately, many mines have never addressed the need at the wireless infrastructure . . .”(read more)

3D-P is middleware, and we have designed the solution.  We are the missing piece connecting your network with your applications.

Our Intelligent Endpoints are ruggedized, open networking and computing platforms.  They are vendor agnostic and will free your data from vendor restraints turning it into actionalble information. Our customer-driven solutions and technologies enable the integration of the best applications and wireless solutions without forklift upgrades to equipment and networks.

e56 Hornet

Contact 3D-P for an evaluation of your mine’s network.

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