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  • Can your equipment exchange vital, mission-critical information, 100% of the time?
  • Have you solved technology creep?
  • Can you connect new and old systems throughout your mine?
  • Does your aggregate data from various systems convert to actionable information?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, you will be interested in Mal Jone’s blog, A Modern Look at Mining Technology

“Many current pieces of mining equipment weren’t designed with modern networks in mind, so they all speak different languages. When critical information, such as GPS, slope monitoring, dispatching, dewatering, safety, machine health, etc. can’t be exchanged, efficiency, productivity, and safety are impacted.” read more

Intelligent Endpoints are ruggedized networking and computing platforms that connect networks to applications and people to their mines.

3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoint Products are vendor agnostic and allow for the exchange of information on all equipment and applications 100% of the time, they eliminate technology creep, and free data from vendor restraints turning it into actionable information in real time.  And they can be used on networks not designed for modern technology

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