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The 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint® (IEP) was designed to survive the harshness of the mining environment. No doubt, it can survive being driven over by a truck? Let’s watch it in action.

A smart IoT solution

But the IEP is more than just a ruggedized radio. Designed as an edge computing platform, the Intelligent Endpoint provides a smart IoT solution critical to mining as demand for real-time and near real-time data has never been so high.

Traditionally, huge amounts of data were collected and brought to a central location for analysis via the mine’s wireless network – this is what we call ‘Connected IoT’. The pressure put on the network and the network support staff to support this connected system is high and can quickly become expensive.

Moving from ‘Connected IoT’ to ‘Smart IoT’, mines now have the ability to move beyond simply collecting the data to an environment where most, if not all, of the analytics is performed at the ‘edge’ by edge computing devices. Running applications directly onboard a smart IoT device, like the Intelligent Endpoint, a smart IoT system reduces the network requirement of fully connected IoT.

The result: Reduction in network load, better use of network support staff’s time and consistent access to real-time data by the operation center. All that towards a greater wireless network ROI.

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