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This might seem counterintuitive to many. But think about all the tasks that you have on your work to do list that you never have the chance to tackle. Could it be a firmware upgrade? Technology research? Testing of a new network monitoring tool that seems a lot more performant than the one you have at site? Well now might be your opportunity to do so!

And while the situation is unprecedented, it will undoubtedly result in new, more remote and safer ways of planning and operating. But for now, what can you do that can bring value to your organization?

Let me give you a few ideas.

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Take the time to upgrade your assets to the latest firmware and software versions

While firmware upgrades tend to be dismissed from times to times as other, more critical activities arise, such tasks cannot be underestimated. Not only do firmware upgrades typically solve a number of security issues that might impact your production, they also often include new features making management of your assets easier.

So while you may prioritize other tasks, the hidden cost of not taking the time to upgrade your firmware in a timely basis might be even greater. Stuck at home and unable to perform a number of your day-to-day activities, it might be your chance to perform those upgrades. And don’t forget that Support departments, such as the 3D-P Support Group, are here to help with any hurdle you may face in the process.

Investigate the latest technologies

As we all know, technology is constantly evolving. Not so long ago, we used to celebrate the benefits of the MotoMesh technology. That was only 10 years ago. Seems far?

Today LTE is a buzzword. Successful, with some limitations, in Australia, it remains an uncommon technology in North America. However, the fact is that LTE has tremendously evolved since it was initially deployed for the first time in the mining industry in 2015 in Western Australia. While availability of spectrum (outside of Australia), limited upload capabilities and Layer 2/Layer 3 are the common challenges perceived by many miners, solutions do now exist.

Major LTE providers are now partnering with mining experts and new hardware, appropriate for the environment, is being developed. As an example, have a look at our latest Hybrid LTE/InstaMesh® Osprey Intelligent Endpoint.

Install the appropriate wireless network monitoring tool – it will save you time and money

Many options are available to you. Whether you select a technology-based monitoring tool such as BC|Enterprise by Rajant, an industry agnostic tool such as SolarWinds or something else, keep in mind that a network monitoring tool for the mining industry should serve 2 main purposes:

1. Guarantee performance of your wireless network by providing alerts before a catastrophic failure occurs;

2. Ensure that your onboard applications access this wireless network, as needed, without delays.

The challenge is that while many network monitor tools successfully perform the first task, only a few provide the necessary information around whether your applications will be communicated, reliably and in a timely manner to your operations centre. More often than not the simple performance of your wireless network won’t be sufficient for the mining industry. And in the current economic situation, the ability to access your critical data in time might bring you the competitive advantage you need to be more productive than your competitors. So choose wisely and get expert advice.

To learn more about how 3D-P can support performance of your wireless network remotely, contact us today.

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