Test the performance of your wireless network with NPAT.

Developed as a modular toolkit, the NPAT data collector provides you with the ability to see the performance of your wireless network like a truck travelling around a mine would see or experience it. The NPAT runs a number of active and passive performance tests directly on the IEP. These tests include ICMP pings of varying size, upstream and/or downstream UDP/ TCP throughput, connectivity, neighbor tables, roaming time and location, connected vs. available AP’s, and more. Each test can be run on its own interval, allowing measurement of your network performance parameters with as much granularity as required.

When your data is collected directly on the mobile equipment, the performance reported provides a true representation of each mobile client’s experience on the network. The collected data is geo- and time-referenced. When you integrate this collected data with the IEP’s store and forward capabilities, you can collect as much performance data as required and can offload it when and where desired – reducing potential impact on the performance of your network.

NPAT visualizations are map-based with specific viewing filters that can be applied to provide meaningful context around the parameters that affect the performance of your network.