3D-P’s technology integration process leads to success in surface mining operations.

When working with surface mining companies, we know that starting with an understanding of the entire scope of the operation is a huge part of a successful long-term solution. That’s why we like to start our projects with an initial consultation where we can talk to you about your business objectives, your topology, your fleet, the applications you’re currently using on your network as well as take some time to discuss the future requirements of your network.

The information gathered during this consultation drives both the choice of technology and the deployment design. Why do we put so much emphasis on the big picture of your business? Because we approach every project as a potential long-term partnership. And your success is what drives our business.

Some of the unique data and RF challenges of the surface mining environment include:

  • RF contention created by real-time applications
  • Challenging and continuously changing topology
  • RF shadowing from moving terrain and large equipment
  • Extreme conditions (temperature, vibration, shock)