Take advantage of the benefits of an end-to-end connected wireless network underground.

Communication infrastructure is becoming an increasingly vital component of efficient and productive underground mining operations, but the constantly changing nature of a mine, the highly mobile fleet, and the inherent environmental challenges may present a hurdle.

The requirement for a reliable wireless network is especially true but also particularly difficult for the ‘last mile’ of connectivity, the area where installed infrastructure ends, and the active mining area starts. Much of the critical data necessary for safety, productivity, and asset health improvements originates in this area.

3D-P’s range of wireless solutions include full wireless networks for the mine, or solutions to augment and solve challenges with existing networks, including last mile solutions for networks consisting of Rajant, Cisco, Extreme or even LTE technologies. Our solutions ensure our customers not only have a reliable network in support of critical applications, but also that the network can be deployed and maintained quickly and cost effectively in the most active areas of your mine.