Take advantage of the benefits of a wireless network underground.

Deploying a wireless network in your mine opens up a world of productivity, communication and collaboration. Better, more accurate productivity and asset health monitoring and improved site safety aren’t the only benefits of a wireless network. Other benefits, like the improved communication and collaboration that comes via VoIP communication from consumer devices such as tablets and cell phones, as well as access to business systems such as email, are also immediately available.

We’ve successfully deployed wireless networks in close to 100 mines around the world.

Creating a solution for you starts with understanding the unique data and RF requirements of both the current and future applications that are necessary for your business. When you work with 3D-P, technology choices are based on what will serve your applications, environmental, business and fleet requirements. Our deep and vast experience both in wireless design, deployment and mining application integration mean we know how to deal with challenges that other wireless providers can’t even begin to consider.