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As previously discussed, a hybrid LTE/InstaMesh client solution presents a number of benefits to mines considering LTE. Often the mines investigating LTE solutions are larger mines, or those considering moving to autonomous operations.

LTE does however present a number of benefits to small operations too, and can even be an avenue towards starting their digitization process, when combined with appropriate planning and technology partnership.

Enabling the Digital Mine for Smaller Operators

Hybrid LTE – A first step towards digitization

One of the expected benefits of LTE is connectivity at greater distances than what Wi-Fi traditionally offers. Coupling this benefit with a hybrid solution like the 3D-P hybrid LTE/InstaMesh client can offer smaller operations a simple and affordable network, allowing remote access to their data in near real time.

In this scenario, with no network required at the bottom of the pit, vehicles can still remain connected and sharing data via peer-to-peer connectivity. Leveraging the Store and Forward capabilities of the 3D-P hybrid client, data is stored on-board the client while travelling outside the pit and is communicated to the server as coverage resumes and the client connects to the LTE network either directly or through a connected peer.

With minimal infrastructure demands, the solution is perfect for applications with non-real-time communication requirements.

Facilitating digitization through integration and 3rd party application

Access to digital production and asset health data can be game changing. The costs of accessing that data through deployment of the traditional mining applications can however make it daunting.

The good news is that a number of simpler, more affordable applications have appeared over the last few years making digitization an option for smaller operations. Even better, and critical to smaller operators, is the ability that those new solutions provide to prove rapid ROI on the technology.

As an example, iVolve provides miners with a range of modules from production, maintenance, tire pressure, material management etc. With the ability to integrate directly to existing or 3rd party systems, iVolve offers a scalable application for your mobile equipment as your mine digitizes.

Through a proof of concept run at a mine in Western Australia, where productivity data was previously recorded manually, implementation of the iVolve solution proved to deliver an immediate 10% efficiency improvement.

Partnerships – the key to digitizing your operations in a scalable and affordable way

With extensive domain knowledge and experience in assisting larger mines with strategy and transition towards automation of their operations, 3D-P is rapidly becoming the strategic partner for more and more smaller miners and contractors providing a fast track alternative to investing in internal resources to develop the expertise.

3D-P brings the experience of all our customers’ projects to assist our clients in developing a customer driven strategy focus that is right for them which in turn enables them to remain agile in their operations, and open and agnostic in their technology roadmap strategy towards their transformation goals. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive to be elegant and smart.

To learn more about how 3D-P can help you digitize your operations, contact us today.

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