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With the low hanging fruit gone, collaboration is becoming essential to achieve the next wave of productivity improvement. Microsoft, 3D-P and Snowden have recently started a pragmatic and innovative technology collaboration dedicated to address the common Internet of Things (IoT) challenges faced by the mining industry.

Leveraging edge computing and advanced analytics, the collaboration aims to provide greater insight into operations so that performance can be raised through internal productivity improvement, costs reduction and operational experience enhancement. Following a pragmatic, flexible and innovative approach, the collaboration creates quick results supporting a successful transition towards the digital mine.

Our Solutions



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Stream, analyse and visualise fleet data in real time. Our modern approach to fleet performance management is OEM agnostic, scalable and forward looking. Our solution allows operations to predict future fleet performance though advanced analysis of mulitple disparate data sources. We aim to tell you not only when an event will occur but also why, allowing you to take pre-emptive action


Control, not just monitor, dust and noise events. We enable operators to predict a dust or noise event before it occurs and take pre-emptive action to avoid it. Through advanced analysis across multiple disparate data sources our system helps to predict conditions before day of operation and makes recommendations for appropriate activities based on future prevailing conditions.


Collect and analyse the wealth of plant data available to generate operational insights and improve plant performance. The digital plant is not new but easy access to plant data has proved challenging. Our data platform approach delivers advanced real time analysis of plant performance data allowing optimisation and automation of plant processes.

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