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The problem with a great product that has next to zero maintenance and delivers steady, consistent service day-in and day-out is that you begin to take it for granted.  That is what happens to us sometimes.  We know our products are work horses that have virtually no competition, so we forget to toot our own horn. That’s why when we receive letters like these, we sometimes just file them away, but today, we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our customers. We are proud to service you and look forward to a great future together.

Comments from Valued Customers:

Top 5 Global Mining company adds 3D-P, Inc – “We have added 3D-P to a list of Global Suppliers due in large part because of the flexibility that 3D-P provides to our mining operations with regards to wireless technology and the management of both the wireless technology and the applications looking to live on the network.

Prinicpal Advisor AssetsMine Monitoring and Control Technology and Innovation

“We contracted and consulted with 3D-P after an exhaustive 12 month search. We selected 3D-P because they took and active participation in not only understanding our current goals and objectives but at the same time designed a system that would cover any need we may have over the next 4-5 years. Providing us with technology that will always allow us to have “best of breed” at both the applications and wireless network layer were unmatched by any other vendor. We went live June 2, 2010 and have had superior up-time and reliability of the entire network. 3D-P appreciates that the key to co-operation between client and vendors is to troubleshoot and never point fingers and work together to look for solutions.”

Jesse Gage, Mining Manager, AngloGold Ashanti (Colorado) Corp.

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