Improving productivity cost-effectively made possible

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Optimizing smaller operations cost-effectively

3D-P helps a quarry deploy a light FMS system and achieve ROI in under 1 year.

An aggregate quarry in Virginia, part of a global aggregate company, was recording its daily production with pen and paper. To improve their competitive advantage, the quarry run an FMS pilot program to demonstrate the value and improvement FMS would provide. 3D-P helped them deploy the end-to-end-solution.

While the pilot was given 2 years to demonstrate the ROI of the technology, the site managed to prove it in less than a year through a combination of cost reduction and operational improvement, that includes:

  • 12% increase in productivity
  • 5% decrease in cycle time
  • 5% increase in payload
  • 3% decrease in cost per ton

Download the case study to learn more on how the quarry achieved those results.