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Remote work and cost cutting can affect the performance of the wireless network you rely on for your operations. Allocated budget might be postponed, personnel count reduced, yet your operations need to perform more efficiently than ever.

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) might help you address those challenges by ensuring you rely on a technology solution that provides you with access to all the data your mine needs to perform optimally without impacting your cash flow.

Improve Performance of LTE in Mining with a Hybrid LTE InstaMesh client solution

Improving your cash flow

While justifying the upfront purchase of a new wireless network is typically a long process, it has become even more challenging through these unprecedented times. Long term budgeting is often a necessary first step and justification of the ROI can be daunting. Even when budgeted, the investment might have to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. The challenge is that this delay in technology upgrade might have a cost – the sub-performance of your operation resulting from delayed access to your critical mobile fleet data.

When transitioning the purchase of a new wireless network from capital to operational budgets, justification of the business case can become a lot simpler thanks to smaller, scheduled cash outlays. And ROI can be demonstrated and achieved faster through minimal upfront payment and maximal technology benefits.

Getting more out of your wireless network

Network-as-a-Service benefits your cash flow, but also your operations as a whole.

Not only does NaaS allow you to upgrade your wireless network to the latest and most appropriate technology for your site on a regular basis, it can also guarantee the necessary performance without any necessary staffing adjustments to manage the network. With NaaS, you have the option to delegate management, maintenance and upgrade of your wireless network to experts, allowing your team to re-focus on what it does best – mining.

At 3D-P, a network delivered through NaaS is customized around your unique site’s requirements and may include 24/7 support, proactive monitoring of the mine’s network, scheduled on-site maintenance visits, embedded resources and much more. Our team will seamlessly monitor the performance of your network and provide the necessary support to all the departments relying on its performance.

To learn more on the 3D-P Network-as-a-Service, contact us today.

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