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Running a digital mine requires access to real time monitoring data on all of your assets. With the large expensive equipment out in a mine, it’s easy to overlook the network that is relied upon to bring that data back to the office.

As your mine becomes more digital, accessing that vehicle data through your network becomes more and more critical, and monitoring your network assets become equally critical.

3D-P Supporting your digital mine through-real time monitoring of your wireless network blog

A Mine network isn’t an office network

Monitoring your network in real time provides a number of advantages, and it has to go beyond just looking at what’s on and what’s off. Being able to predict what is about to shut off, or an over saturated link, in real time allows you to pro-actively deal with these issues before they become critical.

For example, monitoring battery health in a solar trailer, or frame utilization at your backhaul layer are both vital points of data that can allow you to maximize network up time and provide predictive information on future network expansion.

Immediately dispatching resources to the correct critical points of infrastructure when they do fail can save many hours of troubleshooting trying to identify the bad actor in a network. Having a real time monitoring solution that goes beyond just a ping is crucial in this identification and remediation process.

Real world experience

The deployment of 3D-P’s Managed Services to a mine in northern Canada has resulted in improved network up time, improved asset health, and a reduction of overall cost of equipment replacement. Efoy powered solar trailers are quickly troubleshot for any solar or generator power issues, solar trailer batteries are identified as requiring replacement, and KPI’s are provided to management so they can see a quick report on the health of their network without having to know all the ins and outs of its operation.

Monitoring traffic at each access point allows the team on the ground to quickly identify trailers that are being under-utilized and can be used to supplement new coverage areas as the mine moves. Managed Services have allowed the mine to create and maintain an autonomy ready network that can sustain the small unpredictable failures by always providing the information needed to mitigate the big failures.

Monitoring your network in real time provides you, your team, and your management the ability to quickly address problems and issues that are about to cause you big problems. Doing this in a mining specific context with 3D-P’s Managed Services can help you increase production, optimize asset utilization and minimize downtime across your site.

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