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By Hugo Untiveros, Latin American Sales

What to choose?

While today’s technology changes very fast and allows more flexibility when interacting with different players; what and when to pick the technology is the key. However, most of the time choosing the right technology is a task that cannot be accomplished alone or at least without a right partnership.

Meeting your needs

You might have picked the right technology, but how long will it last in a hostile environment as the mining operations?

Reliability is another key factor for success, where humidity, static, lighting, dust, rain, mud, and even snow are just part of the day-to-day scenario. Indoor technology won’t last long in outdoor environments.

Did I mention altitude? Yes, altitude can change how equipment behaves and could have a big impact in productivity. Yes, ruggedness is a must when picking the right technology.

Technology leapfrog

Latin America mining is in privileged position where choosing the right partner with the right experience is an essential step to success. The true partner can point you in the right direction without unnecessary steps; saving you time and effort, which translates into money and money is what makes this business a challenge.

Next time you look for a solution for your mining operations, the first task to complete is choosing the right technology-partner.

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